Summer Associate

Hinkle Shanor LLP is proud to offer a competitive summer clerk program for law students who are interested in joining our firm upon graduation and admission to the Bar. Our diverse office locations and practice areas allow for a unique and personalized summer clerk experience, as each office conducts its own recruiting and program.

We seek top-performing law students who are interested in a challenging and diverse practice, and are committed to developing a long-term relationship with a law firm. The firm typically hires several summer clerks each year, with most clerks being based in our Roswell office, and some in our Santa Fe office. We accept both full and partial summer positions, depending on our needs and the preferences of the law students. We also hire summer clerks with an interest in judicial clerkships who wish to join our firm after completion.

Our ideal summer clerks are hardworking, academically successful candidates who have demonstrated excellence both in the classroom and in other activities such as law review or moot court. We are looking for students who are interested in a long-term relationship with a law firm and who seek rapid advancement toward partnership. Additionally, we seek candidates who want to experience the unique lifestyle of a small-to-medium law firm and the benefits of living in the Southwest.

At Hinkle Shanor LLP, we are dedicated to providing a valuable and educational summer clerk experience. We strive to have our law clerks perform the work typically done by our young associates, allowing them to gain an accurate sense of what it would be like to work with us. Our clerks typically work with every lawyer in the office, exposing them to the diversity of our practice and allowing them to get to know each lawyer. We also schedule social events outside of the office so that attorneys and law clerks can interact in a more informal setting.

We compensate our summer clerks at local market rates commensurate with other prominent law firms in the area, and we provide assistance to our clerks in finding suitable housing arrangements.

The Hinkle Shanor LLP summer clerk program offers an excellent opportunity for law students to practice law in a prominent Southwest-based law firm with a wide variety of practice areas. As a medium-sized law firm, we offer the benefits of a smaller firm due to our multiple locations and smaller office size.

To apply for our summer clerk program, candidates should send their resumes and a copy of their law school transcript to one of our offices. We look forward to hearing from you!