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Oil & Gas Regulatory Matters

Regulatory compliance is a chief concern in the oil and gas industry.


Regulatory compliance is a chief concern in the oil and gas industry.

Multiple layers of state and federal regulations impact all areas of exploration and production of petroleum and natural gas.

Building On A Legacy Of Excellence

At Hinkle Shanor LLP, our goal is to advance clients’ interests by proactively pursuing regulatory compliance. The firm has longstanding roots in New Mexico’s oil and gas industry, stretching back to the state’s first commercial oil boom in the 1920s. One of the firm’s partners during that time was instrumental in drafting oil conservation legislation and representing the state’s interests during the establishment of the Interstate Oil Compact Commission. Now serving a diverse geographic area throughout the Permian Basin of New Mexico, we continue to build upon our founders’ legacy of excellence in the complex field of natural resources law.

For nearly a century, we have been a pivotal force in guiding oil and gas companies through shifting legal landscapes.

Comprehensive Regulatory Guidance | Experience Before State and Federal Agencies

Our attorneys boast extensive experience handling oil and gas regulatory matters before such state and federal agencies as:

  • The New Mexico Oil Conservation Division

  • The Bureau of Land Management

  • The Interior Board of Land Appeals

  • The Environmental Protection Agency

  • The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

  • Our lawyers work proactively to ensure clients’ compliance with state and federal regulations, for example, by:

  • Securing permits

  • Filing required notices, reports and other documentation

  • Obtaining environmental assessments and environmental impact statements

  • Pursuing rate and tariff increases

  • Advocating for rule exemptions when appropriate

  • Appealing adverse agency decisions

The firm’s clients include petroleum and natural gas producers, refiners, service companies, storage companies and others in the industry, both locally and nationwide.

Contact The Firm

To learn more about our oil and gas regulatory practice, please contact us. We maintain convenient offices throughout New Mexico.

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