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Oil & Gas Title Examination

Title examination is an essential foundation for oil and gas ventures.


Title examination is an essential foundation for oil and gas ventures.

Without laying the groundwork for success through adequate title work, oil and gas producers, explorers and lenders run the risk of costly disputes down the road.

Laying The Foundation For Clients’ Success

At Hinkle Shanor LLP, we understand the importance of title opinions in securing the proper rights and mitigating the risk of future litigation. Our attorneys provide comprehensive title examination services to place our clients’ ventures on the strongest possible footing for success.

The firm boasts one of the region’s premier oil and gas title examination practices. We are one of the area’s largest and most established law firms, with roots in the natural resources industry stemming from the first oil boom in southeast New Mexico in the 1920s. We house an extensive library of title opinions stretching back over 80 years — a benefit that frequently spares our clients significant expense.

As one of the leading oil and gas practices in the Permian Basin, we are equipped with the resources, knowledge and industry insight necessary for providing elite legal solutions.

Comprehensive Title Examination Practice

The firm’s title examination practice encompasses performing title and deed searches, obtaining abstracts and land reports, and preparing title opinions of all types, including:

  • Drilling opinions

  • Division order opinions

  • Acquisition opinions

  • Well bore opinions

  • Mineral title opinions

  • Mortgage opinions

Our experienced lawyers perform diligent research to identify surface, mineral and leasehold rights and uncover any encumbrances. The firm also handles title disputes and litigation arising from disputes over royalties, title and leasing agreements. We represent clients throughout the oil and gas sector, including those involved in exploration, production, refining, servicing and financing.

Contact Us | Serving Clients Throughout The Permian Basin

With offices in New Mexico, including Roswell, we serve clients in the oil and gas sector throughout the Permian Basin. Contact the firm to learn more about our title examination services.

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